Best Natural Oils For Hair: Repair, Grow, and Shine

Healthy, strong, shiny and long - what’s the secret to show-stopping hair? Taking care of your locks with the best natural oils for hair. 

We take a look at 4 oils lauded as hair care wonders and exactly what they can do for you. (spoiler alert: a lot!) 

4 Natural oils for hair repair, growth and shine

Argan Oil

This super nourishing oil is often called liquid gold and we’re not surprised! 

Used in hair and scalp regimes for centuries, argan oil is derived from the kernels of the argan tree, which is native to Morocco. This miracle worker delivers serious hydration and protection to stressed-out strands.  

Hydrates and softens

Argan’s big claim to hair fame is its ability to soften rough, brittle locks. The oil is composed of 80% unsaturated fatty acids, mainly oleic acid (omega 9) and linoleic acid (omega 6). 

These two allow the oil to act as both a moisturiser and a sealant delivering hydration to the hair follicles and then sealing the moisture in to promote long-lasting hydration. 

The sealant action also helps strengthen the hair by binding it to the scalp. 

Curly haired girls, take note: argan oil can radically improve the look of frizzy, fried curls by adding definition and bounce.

Protects against styling damage

Heat styling does serious damage to your tresses. Heat opens the cuticle which creates more friction between the strands, this makes it harder to comb through and leads to breakage.

Linoleic acid and oleic acid not only hydrate, but also add a protective layer to the hair shaft to shield against damage and make styling easier. 


Coconut Oil

Coconut is one of the best natural oils for hair perfection.

The superpower of coconut oil lies in its low molecular weight and positive charge from lauric acid - which makes up 47% of the oil. This combination allows it to deeply penetrate the hair shaft and deliver a range of healthy hair benefits!


Reduces hygral fatigue and breakage 

For hair care, coconut oil shines (quite literally!) in its ability to coat the shaft which boosts bounciness and protects hair against one of its worst enemies: hygral fatigue. 

What exactly is hygral fatigue? When you wet your hair, water is absorbed and the hair cuticle swells, when the shaft dries, the hair cuticle contracts. Hygral fatigue is caused when the process of wetting and drying your hair is constant - hair is continually stretched which leads to frizz and breakage. 

A study of how different oils minimised hygral fatigue found that coconut oil reduced the swelling of the hair cuticle, thus lowering the chance of breakage. Compared to the mineral oils in the study, natural coconut oil outperformed them all.

Promotes a healthy scalp

The antimicrobial and antifungal properties in Lauric acid mean coconut oil helps keep your scalp free of dandruff, itchiness and fungal issues. Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp.

Peach Kernel oil 

Is peach kernel oil one of the best natural oils for hair? We think it’s number one! 

Lightweight and incredibly nourishing, natural oils for hair growth and repair don’t get much better than peach kernel. The oil is extracted from the pit of a peach and has the power to transform frizzy, stressed-out strands into hydrated, bouncy locks. It’s the hero of our Peach Hair Mask!

Adds shine to dull hair 

Peach kernel oil deeply conditions hair leaving it soft, manageable and oh-so-shiny. The oil coats the hair in a protective layer to encourage a glossy sheen and its lightweight nature won’t weigh hair down or lead to greasy, stringy strands. Just shiny, fresh-looking locks. 

Promotes growth and prevents frizz

Like argan, peach kernel is high in the essential fatty acids, oleic & linoleic, which are essential for reducing breakage and fizzy, stressed strands. The hair cuticle consists of overlapping scales in a vertical alignment. When these scales fall apart, hair strands dry out and separate, leading to breakage, frizz and dryness. 

The essential fatty acids in peach kernel oil add moisture to the strands of your hair that provide a protective layer to keep hair cuticles closed (sealing in scales) which smoothes and repairs rough damaged hair.   

Nourishes with vitamin A and E

The high amounts of Vitamin A and E found in peach kernel oil bring volume to your hair and encourage healthier locks by nourishing the follicles from the inside.

Love the sound of peach kernel oil? Read more about the benefits here

Macadamia oil 

The deep penetrating power and nutrient profile of macadamia oil make it a stand-out hair care treatment. 

Increases moisture in the hair and scalp

The vitamin E present in macadamia oil absorbs easily and deeply, making it one of the best natural oils for hair to deliver deep hydration to dry locks. 

Vitamin E also forms a protective barrier over the hair and scalp helping prevent a dry, scaly scalp while increasing shine and reducing frizziness. 

Palmitic acid is found in macadamia oil too and also offers protective emollient properties to soften and moisturise your locks. 

Shields against UV damage

Too much time in the sun is one of the most common ways the hair shaft becomes damaged leading to dry, brittle, lacklustre locks. 

Macadamia oil contains cinnamic acid which has been found to provide some protection against UV rays. Protecting the cuticle from UV rays helps to maintain the hair shaft's integrity. 

Protection from the sun also slows the fading of colour meaning treated hair looks fresher for longer. 


Strengthens weak strands and may prevent hair fall

With consistent use of macadamia oil, you’ll be delighted to see the transformation of weak, brittle hair into stronger, healthier locks. Once again those strand-saving fatty acids come into play,with oleic acid binding to and strengthening the hair shaft.

Transform dry, damaged locks with the Peach Hair Mask

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